Oklahoma Co. Assessor Determines Value Of Property After Friday’s NW OKC House Explosion

Wednesday, December 8th 2021, 5:01 pm
By: Erika Lee


On Wednesday morning, the Oklahoma County Assessor surveyed the damage after a home explosion in northwest Oklahoma City.

The assessor's office said it's required by law to investigate the damage and determine a new market value for the property. 

County Assessor Larry Stein said the damage isn't as severe as other explosions like the deadly explosion in northeast Oklahoma City in 2020.

"There didn't appear to be a fire as well," Stein said. "So the impact of the explosion or whatever it was that destroyed the property, there wasn't a concussion that is normally associated with a fire or that kind of combustible activity." 

As of now, they have not found any major damages to the neighboring homes.

Because of a specific law -- House Bill 2810 -- the assessor was able to lower the property tax bill for the homeowner. This law allows accessors to provide relief for those who just lost their home or business.

"Until a few years ago, we couldn't do that," Stein said. "Someone would be in a situation where their house was destroyed by a tornado, wildfire, or explosion, they would've received a bill for property tax, for a property they no longer live in."

Stein said although the house is no longer standing, the land still has value of approximately $27,000.

The cause of the explosion is still being investigated.

On Monday, Oklahoma Natural Gas said they discovered no leaks in its natural gas system, but the homeowner said his gas bill was more than $800 last month.

ONG released the following statement to News 9:

"Oklahoma Natural Gas bills are automatically posted online for e-bill customers or mailed via the U.S. postal service each month. Our team has been in contact with the customer since shortly after the incident and we are happy to discuss any concerns with the customer. 
"We are continuing our investigation. The preliminary findings found no leaks on Oklahoma Natural Gas’ system. Our metering indicated increased usage through the customer’s piping and/or appliances which generated a bill for the usage."