OKC FOP Reacts To Rising Number Of Officers Shot, Killed While On Duty

Tuesday, December 7th 2021, 6:51 pm


Law enforcement in Oklahoma and across the country reported seeing an all-time high in officers shot and killed while on duty.

The Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police said ambush-style shootings were on the rise.

The newly released national FOP numbers showed six officers in the state of Oklahoma were shot while on duty this year.

The vice president of the Oklahoma City FOP said those six officers died while protecting Oklahomans. Oklahoma City FOP Vice President Mark Nelson was alarmed at the number of officers across the nation who were shot and killed.

“As of last week, it was 314 officers who had been shot at,” said Nelson. “It’s really about an average of one every 24 hours this year.”

Nelson said the numbers beat last year's record by 126%. He said everyday officers' lives are at risk and they are seeing more ambush attacks.

“The most recent one we had, our officers responded to a call and literally upon arriving at the scene were fired upon,” said Nelson.  

Police were responding to a 911 call Twaun Jackson made two weeks ago. Officials said he was allegedly threatening to shoot residents at a southwest Oklahoma City apartment complex.

In May, Quinton Pace was accused of purposely ramming an officer's car off the road, trapping him inside. Investigators said Pace walked toward the officer's car and fired at him.

Nelson thinks there are two reasons for the increase in citizens targeting police.

“One is a general disrespect or lack of respect for law enforcement and law and order,” said Nelson. “A close second is a revolving door in the criminal justice system. Violent felons are being let out on little to no bond to reoffend or victimize people.”

He is asking elected officials for their help.

“We’re asking all elected leaders,” said Nelson. “They represent the society that they’re charged with being over to condemn these attacks on law enforcement.”

Both Jackson and Pace were charged with multiple counts of shooting with intent to kill.