Tulsa Police Arrest Man Accused Of Robbing A Pizza Shop

Tuesday, December 7th 2021, 7:53 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Tulsa Police arrested a former employee accused of robbing three people at gunpoint inside a Brookside Pizza shop. Police say Curtis Kendricks had just been fired from that pizza shop a month ago and had threatened the manager.

Tulsa Police Robbery Lieutenant Justin Ritter told us last week, if you are a victim of an armed robbery, the most important thing you can do is take mental notes about the robber that can help police. He says that's exactly what these employees did since the suspect was wearing a hood and a mask.

Police say the manager and employees at Blaze Pizza on Brookside noticed mannerisms and the voice of the suspect and identified him as former employee Curtis Kendricks. Investigators say Kendricks used a gun and a knife to rob two customers, then demanded the restaurant manager open the safe and cash register. They say Kendricks stole cash, purses and wallets and ran. Police found him quickly and arrested him at an apartment near 61st and Peoria.

"This is exactly how we want the public to act when they are confronted with a situation like this,” said Lieutenant Ritter. “I mean this is rare. For somebody to come into a business like that, armed with two weapons, it is scary for sure, for the victims, but the public needs to know that this is rare. This doesn't just happen all the time."

Police say they found a stolen purse, stolen wallets and debit cards stuffed down the kitchen sink inside the apartment.