Police Asking For Public’s Help Identifying Suspect In SE OKC Assault, Carjacking Incident

Friday, December 3rd 2021, 5:22 pm


One man was placed behind bars and his alleged accomplice was on the run after an assault and carjacking in southeast Oklahoma City, according to police.

The victim was knocked unconscious just before the men drove away in his truck.

“This took place Wednesday evening around 6:30,” Oklahoma City Police Department Sgt. Dillon Quirk said. “It was in the parking lot of 7-Eleven at Southeast 15th and High.”

Police said the victim left his truck running in the parking lot while he went inside the store.

Shortly after, Terry Hayes was seen walking into the store and quickly walked back out.

“They noticed that the victim’s vehicle was unoccupied,” Quirk said. “It was running there in the parking lot.”  

A witness saw Hayes jump in the driver's seat and alerted the victim that someone was in his truck. The victim told police he ran out of the store, grabbed Hayes out of the truck and put him on the ground.

This is when police said the unidentified suspect came into the picture. Police said the suspect hit the victim on the back of the head.

“The victim loses consciousness,” Quirk said. “While he’s on the ground, the suspect begins kicking the victim several times.”

Hayes and the other suspect got back in the truck and drove away. A store employee called police and EMSA to help the victim. The man came to and was able to tell police what happened before he was taken to the hospital.

“Emotions run high especially when it is over your own property,” Quirk said. “A safe thing to do is to keep yourself safe, get out of the situation safely and contact 911.”  

Now that Hayes is in custody at the Oklahoma County Detention Center, police need to catch the man seen wearing a red shirt. 

“We have not identified the second suspect up to this point,” Quirk said.