State Sues Biden Administration Over Vaccine Mandates For Military & Federal Employees

Friday, December 3rd 2021, 6:55 am


Governor Kevin Stitt and the Oklahoma Attorney General are launching a new lawsuit against the Biden administration over what they say is a pattern of federal overreach. This challenge is over vaccine mandates for military and federal employees. 

Oklahoma Attorney General John O'Connor is asking a federal court to grant a temporary restraining order or injunction that would stop the Biden administration from enforcing the mandate. 

Just a few days ago the US Department of Defense denied a request from Governor Kevin Stitt, asking to exempt the Oklahoma National Guard from vaccine mandates. 

The Pentagon said it considered COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths, and said it's their responsibility to "promote health, safety and readiness of military personnel." 

"This is a much larger point that a vaccinated force is a more ready force," said John Kirby, Pentagon press secretary. "Take a look at what the National Guard has done in the last year alone." 

However, Governor Kevin Stitt believes according to the state constitution and U.S. Code Title 32 he is commander in chief of the Oklahoma National Guard right now. 

And unless they are mobilized by the President, the Governor decides how training guidelines issued by the President will be implemented. 

“I will continue fighting to protect Oklahoma against this alarming pattern of unconstitutional federal overreach coming from the Biden administration," said the Governor. 

The Department of Defense says Guardsmen who do not comply with the mandate could see their jobs at risk. 

They have until June 30th to get their vaccine.