Metropolitan Libraries Offer Take Home Kits For People Of All Ages

Thursday, December 2nd 2021, 7:24 pm


Most libraries across the OKC metro have take-home activity kits for kids of all ages, even adults.

“We’ve given out many, hundreds of kits in this area. They’re very popular,” Metropolitan Library System engagement manager Meaghan Hunt said.

It’s a program that started during the COVID shutdown. 

“We developed the kits as a way of reaching out and getting to people where they were: in their homes when it wasn’t safe to be congregating at the library,” Hunt said.

Kits are put together each week by the library staff specifically targeting the age and sex of the kids. 

“For instance, one week we had an emotions box, and it included a little activity where they could match words to faces matching little emotions,” Hunt said.

Kits also include activity items like playdough, snacks, and of course, books.

Caleb picked up his package for the week, which included a “Kids Spy” book, one of his favorite books.

As much as the kids like the books, for them, there are obviously more important items in the kits, like hot chocolate and candy. 

The take home kits are not just for kids, there are adult take home kits, as well. 

“If you’re an adult, even if you don’t have littles, we invite you to come in,” Hunt said. “We have graphic novels, movies books. All kinds of stuff just for adults.”

A favorite for adults is the crafts. 

“We have a craft-your-own mittens kit, so that’s ‘Learn to Sew.’” Hunt said. “The librarian that worked on those had never sewn anything before but taught herself how.”

Kits are free and prepared weekly. Each library has different kits. 

“The best thing to do is to get on our website and you will see if you need to register for a kit, where you can pick it up, sometimes we have kits that are pop up and you can drop in and grab one,” Hunt said.