Family Speaks Out As MWC Hit-And-Run Victim Remains Hospitalized

Thursday, December 2nd 2021, 5:09 pm

MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma -

A family is pleading for answers following a hit and run crash that sent two people to the hospital. One person was released, but the other person is still at OU Medical Center fighting for her life.

Tanya Patterson said Midwest City police stopped by her house late Sunday night. They said her daughter, Torrianna Patterson, was involved in a bad accident.

“They said she was unresponsive. She's laying out on the ground, so I jump up get in the car and I head that way,” Patterson said.

Patterson said her daughter was headed home from work. The wreck happened on NE 10th Street just a few miles from her house.

“They already rushed her to the hospital. Torri got a really bad head injury that she might not come back from. So she will never be the Torri that we know,” Patterson said.

The Patterson family said right now, Torri has no brain activity. The car flipped over several times and Torri was ejected through the sunroof. They said the whole family is praying along with Torri's six children for a miracle

They also have a message for the driver.

“Turn yourself in. Get it over with. Cause we need answers. We want to know why you did it and the severity of this case is she might not make it. Give us some clarity on that,” Tamara Patterson said.

Midwest City police said the accused driver pulled into the gas station driving a white truck in the surveillance video. They said this was just minutes before the hit and run occurred.

“He don't know what he took me through. I didn't need this. I'm already going through something. I'm still not over my first child dying. Turn yourself in son,” Patterson said.

Midwest City police is asking for anyone with any information about the man driving the truck seen in surveillance video to give them a call at 405-739-1320.