Amazing Oklahoman: The Pecina Family

Thursday, November 25th 2021, 10:51 pm
By: Erika Lee


Two El Reno businesses owners say they are teaching their kids a valuable lesson about giving back.

In lieu of a traditional Thanksgiving, the Pecina family is spending their holiday by preparing and handing out free meals together.

They prepared hundreds of meals for less fortunate members of their community.

“It’s good to give back to the community especially after COVID,” said Javier Pecina, co-owner of Pecina’s Restaurant. “A lot of people are thankful that we’re doing this.”

They prepared turkey, mashed potatoes, and gave them out curbside.

“It’s totally worth it, seeing the happy faces and the thank you's,” said Rosalia Pecina. “It just makes me want to do it even more.”

They even ran out of food early, so they continued to give whatever they had including vegetables, desserts, and canned foods.

The parents say doing this as a family is teaching their kids the importance of kindness and good values.

“One lady, we gave her some meals and she started crying,” said Xavier Pecina, Javier and Rosalia’s son. “She was so happy.”

While it's only the family restaurant's second year giving back, they are planning to keep this tradition going for as long as they can.