Oklahoma Community Food Bank Provides Meals For Students During Holiday Break

Tuesday, November 23rd 2021, 5:07 pm
By: Matt Rahn

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma was out delivering meals to kids on Tuesday to make sure they’ll have something to eat while on Thanksgiving break.

The boxes full of food were a welcome sight at Tulsa’s Seminole Apartments.

"We're out here distributing Thanksgiving meals to kids across Tulsa at THA sites," said Bridget Wunsch with the food bank.

Wunsch says there are dozens of meals for kids who normally rely on food provided at school.

"For so many kids in Tulsa, their main source of food is from school, so when school is out, we try to fill that need and make sure they have breakfast, lunches, milk, snacks, just all sorts of food to get them through the holiday break," said Wunsch.

People at the apartments say one of their biggest struggles is keeping their kids fed between meals. They say this extra food really does help.

Tameka Drew is a single mother of five and says she appreciates what the food bank is doing.

"We run out of like, snack stuff, or like other things. We might have meat to eat for dinner, but we won't have like snack stuff for breakfast," Drew said.

She says every little bit makes a difference with hungry kids at home.

"They're going to be eating a lot, so picking this up today helps out," said Drew.

The food bank knows the need is great and events like this can make a significant impact throughout the community.

"There's a big problem in many cities of food insecurity, so it’s just really important to get out into the community to make sure that we're able to see the kids and meet that need," Wunsch said.

Tuesday’s stop was only one of seven different Tulsa Housing Authority locations. The food bank says in total, they plan to pass out 1,500 meals this week.