Health Care Professionals Prepare For Upward Trend In Cases After The Thanksgiving Holiday

Tuesday, November 23rd 2021, 5:23 pm

Heath care professionals are holding their breath as we head into the holidays to see what will happen with COVID-19 in the state.

The CDC originally predicted cases to decline in November, but in the last two weeks we have seen the opposite, even in Oklahoma.

This has doctors in the state predicting cases and hospitalizations to keep trending upward.

"We will continue to see an increase in cases and hospitalizations through the winter and into the spring," said Dr. Aaron Wendelboe, an epidemiologist. "The question is just how high are those cases and hospitalizations going to go?"

Wendelboe said his modeling doesn't show peaks as high as what we saw in the summer, but that could change.

"Those factors of mitigation strategies, like if we get vaccinated, if we get boosters, if we continue to mask, those will make the peak lower," said Wendelboe.

To try and mitigate the spread over the holidays, especially with people gather from all over the U.S. where the virus spread could be high, doctor suggest getting the booster dose if you can and to get tested.

"The rapid tests give an answer pretty quickly. They can be false positives, but if they are done properly according to the instructions, it will pick up anyone who has and active infection," said Dr. Stan Schwartz, the WellOK CEO.

Doctors said if you aren't feeling well to choose not to gather with friends and family even if it is the last minute.