Del City Mom Beats Accused Peeping Tom With Baseball Bat After Allegedly Flashing Girl Through Window

Tuesday, November 16th 2021, 9:29 pm

DEL CITY, Oklahoma -

A protective mom took a bat to an accused peeping Tom.

Del City police said the mother caught him at her daughter's window and called 911.

Mom: "He had his clothes off. He had a trench coat on and he’s on the side of my building. He was trying to come through my daughter's window, too."

Police said after Corey McMichael tried to push through the woman's front door, he exposed himself to her daughter through a bedroom window. The woman grabbed her bat.

“It's a pretty good example of momma bear. She saw someone looking in her daughter's window and jumped into action,” said Del City police Capt. Bradley Rule. “After striking him several times, he fell to the ground away from the window.”

Struggling to catch her breath, the mom called 911.

911: "Do you need medical attention? Ma'am, are you OK?"

Mom: "No. No. I'm just a little shaky, right now. Because I went out to my car to get my bat, and when I got it, I had to hit him with it."

Officers found McMichael laying in the grass.

“The subject was still laying on the ground, complaining of injuries and that he needed an ambulance,” said Rule.

McMichael was rushed to the hospital.

“Obviously, he had some bumps and bruises all over, but he also sustained a broken wrist,” said Rule.

He was later booked into jail.

“She was well within her rights to protect her daughter,” said Rule.