10-Year-Old Helps The Homeless Ahead Of Winter

Tuesday, November 16th 2021, 5:40 pm


Gianna Jones, 10, has a heart of compassion. Her mom said she has always been that way.  

Last year, her family drove by a homeless community and it truly affected her. 

“We were driving by and we saw a bunch of homeless people, and it was really, really cold,” Gianna Jones said. “I was just thinking, I want to help them because they really need it and they need to feel loved and cared for.”

She convinced her mom to buy them some food and she began collecting items to take back to them.  

“We just decided to start slow, so we gave them some canned goods, some blankets, but not a lot. Then I thought, why don’t we take this to another level?” said Gianna Jones.  

About two months ago, this year’s project began. 

“My mom created an Amazon wish list and posted it on Facebook, and she asked people to donate some products so we could create all of this,” said Gianna Jones. 

It’s enough items for 100 personal care packages for the homeless.

“After I started seeing Amazon packages on the porch everyday stacked up to the door, I was like well maybe we can do 100 bags,” said Courtney Needham, Gianna Jones’ mother. 

The bags are filled with anything Gianna Jones thought a homeless person would need.

“Our hygiene bag, it has toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, soap,” said Gianna Jones. 

Gianna Jones has prepared multiple bags for each person. A food bag, and a bag with blankets, hats, gloves and warmers, along with the hygiene bag.  

This Saturday before the extreme cold temperatures hit, Gianna Jones and her family will distribute the bags to the homeless communities. 

“I feel like they’ll be really happy and just really relieved that they have more stuff to survive,” said Gianna Jones.

Gianna Jones thanks everyone that donated items for her project. She’s already thinking ahead to next year when she said she will distribute 200 bags.