Doctors Offer Advice On Safe Ways To Celebrate The Holidays

Monday, November 15th 2021, 5:01 pm


Doctors aren't suggesting you can't gather for the holidays, but what they are saying is to be smart about where you gather and who you are gathering with.

"The seven-day average is now trending upward again we are up to just under 800 new cases a day," OU Health's Chief COVID-19 Officer Dr. Dale Brazler said.

The less-than-800 new cases average is compared to our seven-day average low of just over 550 cases from last week.

Dr. Bratzler said that can be attributed to a couple things.

"Halloween was one event," Dr. Bratzler said. "Sporting events are happening. I actually think part of it is the cooler weather people are congregating again indoors."

If you are planning to gather for the upcoming holiday season, Dr. Bratzler said the number one thing to consider is in vaccination.

"I think if you are in a family where vaccination is very high," Dr. Bratzler said. "And most are vaccinated. I think you can safely enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas."

If vaccination is low with the people you meet with, Dr. Bratzler strongly recommends masking, especially when indoors.

"Outdoor events are always going to be safer than indoor events," Dr. Bratzler said. "So, if we have good weather on those days, anything you can do outside is always going to be safer."

Dr. Bratzler also suggested taking into consideration who you will be around. For instance, younger kids aren't able to get the vaccine just yet, so that population may be more vulnerable.

"Are they immunosuppressed?" Dr. Bratzler said. "Do you know someone in your family being treated for cancer or is on drugs to treat their rheumatoid arthritis that weakens their immune system, so I strongly recommend wearing a mask as much as possible to protect that person."

Now that kids five to 11 years old can get their vaccine, health officials encourage families to get their kids vaccinated.

If you are eligible to get a booster dose of the vaccine, officials suggest you do that, as well.