New Multipurpose Center Is Expected To Help Improve Health Opportunities In Cleveland County

Friday, November 12th 2021, 5:24 pm


Cleveland County opened a new multipurpose center. Officials said this space will provide Oklahomans with access to more health and wellness resources.

A six-year project finally became a reality as project leaders cut the ribbon to Cleveland County's Wellness Square.

“As we did our surveys and we got our information back that we get annually, we found that there was a need for more fresh fruits and vegetables in our county,” Cleveland County commissioner Darry Stacy said.

Cleveland County and the Cleveland County Health Department partnered together to create, “The Well," a $7 million dollar project funded by the county and community partners. Their main goal was to create a central hub to increase access to much needed resources.

“With Cleveland County, we are unique in that we have a large urban area within our county, and we have a good mix of rural communities, so having an access point I think really helps address those barriers to folks accessing resources within our county maybe from a geographical standpoint,” The Well community engagement director Tara Douglas said.

The 14,000-square foot building will include services from dozens of community partners fitness classes, cooking demonstrations and health care.

“Instead of throwing medication at a problem, we like to find the problem and fix it,” Dr. Castle Santana said. “We definitely wanted to go with more of a calm, relaxing sort of environment instead of a cold and sort of sterile type of environment.”

Vendors at the Norman Farmers Market are also looking forward to having a climate-controlled space.

“It's a lot of work,” Phillip Starr said. “We had some real downpours this spring. Somebody has a picture of me. I’m a heavy guy, so is Bucky. Holding down tents during the wind. Obviously, those markets don't go very well.”

Vendors will be setting up shop at The Well in Spring 2022. Aside from having a covered space, they said they're looking forward to new customers.