Yukon Voters Will Decide On Nearly $200 Million In Bonds

Thursday, November 4th 2021, 5:44 pm

YUKON, Oklahoma -

On Nov. 9, Yukon voters will decide on two bond proposals with a hefty price tag.

"One of them is transportation," said Yukon Public Schools Superintendent Jason Simeroth. "We have to have that separate, that's law. The other encompasses everything from textbooks, to the new performing arts center and college and career center. That means we are remodeling all of our elementary and middle school classrooms."

Other items included include things like new playgrounds, technology and security additions.

Simeroth said the price tag would be a record for the district at over $194 million, but approving these proposals won’t raise taxes. 

"So as the old bond goes off, this new one will go on and simply continue at the same tax rate for the Yukon school district," said Simeroth. 

For Yukon High School Band Director Diana Williams, these projects would mean access to an indoor practice space and facilities for her high school students.

"The high school component of it will include the 1,500 hundred seat auditorium that will actually be on our campus," said Williams. "Currently, it's located over on the middle school campus."

Which means students and staff have to pack up and head to the middle school to perform. 

"The question has been asked if we vote no will our taxes decrease? In transparency, the answer is yes, but I'll use the midrange, if you own a $225,000 home your taxes will go down $55 a year," Simeroth said.

With the new additions, Simeroth said the community will also benefit. Students will have the opportunity to use the college and career center to start higher education while enrolled in the district. 

New facilities could also mean more sales tax revenue with the ability to hold more events. 

"Voting no will reduce the opportunities we have for kids and ultimately it will reduce the staff we are able to afford," said the superintendent. 

Voters within the Yukon school district will make their decision Nov. 9.