Urgent Care Clinic Offering At-Home Monoclonal Antibody Treatment For Some In Cleveland Co.

Friday, October 29th 2021, 1:17 pm

NORMAN, Oklahoma -

Monoclonal antibodies, which have been a common treatment for COVID-19, can now be administered at home for some Cleveland County residents. 

Classen Urgent care in Norman has been offering the treatment at home for two weeks thanks to a new partnership with the county health department and a local pharmacy. 

Health leaders have said monoclonal antibodies are one of the only treatments on the market right now that have shown to be safe and effective in treating COVID-19.  

“If it is given early from the onset of the symptoms usually within 10 days,” said Dr. Hussein Torbatti, the managing director of Classen Urgent Care.  

Dr. Torbatti said monoclonal antibodies can't work if they aren't used.  

“Essentially it just wakes up the patient's own immune system to try and fight the disease,” said Dr. Torbatti.  

That is why he has made it easier for patients who may have difficulties getting to their office by bringing it straight to them.  

“Instead of sitting around and waiting and seeing which patient does well in which one does worse and then do something and we are trying to prevent them from getting to that point,” said Dr. Torbatti.  

Dr. Torbatti said most insurance covers the cost, and for the uninsured, their treatment is covered by the CARES act. 

If you want more information about the at home treatment, you can call or text the urgent care at 405-701-7111.