Tulsa Mother Expresses Frustration After Son Quarantined 4 Times In 44 Days

Monday, October 25th 2021, 4:52 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

For many working parents 2020 was a struggle with kids learning from home but single mom Julie Peters says this year has been even more stressful. 

"This year has been so much worse than last year which is hard to believe I don't think that was possible,” Peters told News on 6. 

Peters says that's because her 1st-grade son Conner has already been quarantined 4 times. 

"I think my son has been quarantined more than others. So, he gets to go back to school on Wednesday of this week and that will be the 44th day of the school year. And he will have missed 22 days,” Peters explained. 

Peters says now her son has fallen behind -- because he was sent home without homework or a Chromebook. 

"I just get the run-around and that's what's really been frustrating -- is not only has he not been in school, he’s being sent home with no work,” Julie admitted. 

Danielle Neves is the Deputy Chief of Academics for TPS. She says the district expects teachers to send homework and give quarantined students extra instruction. 

"Things truly come together in the classroom. We want our teachers to be thinking about how they'll use some of their small group time to focus on the things that the students weren't able to do while the student was out,” Neves explained. 

Other districts like Jenks maDe quarantine optional -- not a requirement. Peters says something needs to change with the TPS policy. 

"It's a hard adjustment to go from being home to back to school to being home —- it's really hard to get into a routine when you're sent home every other week,” Peters added. 

Since Friday — TPS reported 91 students had tested positive for COVID-19, and 74 students were exposed.  TPS also says it is not considering any change in its safety policy at this time.