Something Good: Yukon Police, Firefighters Celebrate 5-Year-Old’s Birthday

Friday, October 22nd 2021, 7:44 pm
By: Mike Glover

YUKON, Oklahoma -

For her fifth birthday Faye got a sparkling new dress and wanted to show it off to her friends at school. But it was fall break and school was out. 

The dress was a gift all the way from Belgium, from her grandparents. 

In typical 5-year-old fashion Faye was adamant on wearing the dress on her birthday. So, her mom, Cassie agreed to the dress. 

But made a phone call for help to celebrate. 

“Someone reached out to the police department and the fire department, and we made it happen,” said Sgt. Joey Rushing, with the Yukon Police Department. 

On the evening of her birthday the Yukon Fire and Police Department and EMS showed up for Faye, determined not to disappoint. 

“Well in this line of work and in this day and age, anything positive that we can do makes us feel good,” said Rushing. 

The group of responders didn’t just show up, they came bearing gifts. 

“She was super happy, she was bragging about all the bears she got,” said Rushing.

Faye has already given the stuffed animals names. 

“This one is named Coco, this one is named Lala, and this one is named Bobo”, said Faye. 

“Honestly anytime there’s kids involved and you’re wearing any kind of equipment or any kind of uniform you feel like a superhero, you really do. It’s one of the fun things we can actually do where we show up and everybody is happy,” said Rushing. 

They may have made a lifelong friend and have even influenced her career choice. 

“I want to be a paramedic when I grow up,” said Faye. 

And as the friends said goodbye for the day, there was a quick game of ring around the roses. 

Faye has autism and is typically afraid of men. But she has really taken to her new friends with Yukon Fire and Police.