Family Hopes For Answers 3 Months After Father Killed While Towing Truck On Turnpike

Wednesday, October 20th 2021, 9:23 pm
By: Jordan Tidwell

The family of a tow truck driver who was hit and killed while working on the Creek Turnpike in July said they are still in shock.

Hailey and Cale Knippenburg say their dad, Donovan Knippenburg, was a man who was always there when you needed him, especially to crack a joke or to make you smile. 

"He would do anything to make someone laugh, even if it was something stupid, he always wanted to make people laugh," Hailey said. 

Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Donovan was hit and killed on July 16th when he was loading a car on the Creek Turnpike near Kellyville. 

"We've already been through, I mean it's only been three months and we've already been through a lot of stuff that he should have been there for, there's so many things I should have called him for and he's not there," Hailey said. 

Hailey said she wishes more people would move over when you see someone working on the side of the road, no matter who it is. 

"You know you pull over for an officer because you're scared they'll pull you over if you don't, but it's still important,” Hailey said. “It's a valued life no matter what.” 

Hailey said the last three months have been hard, and they are waiting and hoping for answers on what exactly happened, especially as her dad's birthday is less than a month away. 

"I think it's hard going into his birthday knowing there's not going to be any answers or closure anytime soon," she said. 

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.