Teen Battling Huntington's Disease Celebrates 'Dream Prom'

Wednesday, October 20th 2021, 10:01 am
By: Tevis Hillis


For Hailey Sweet, it has not been easy going from living an everyday life to being diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease, but Hailey and her family are not letting this define her.  

“It got really big really fast,” said Jamie Sweet, Hailey’s mother. 

This weekend, Hailey’s friends and family joined together to give Hailey something she’s always wanted, a dream prom. 

“A lot of people helped make this happen,” said Sweet.  

The prom was held in a hotel, where Hailey got to dressed to the nines, rode in a fancy car and made her grand entrance. 

These past 18 years, Hailey has lived a normal life until being diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. 

“It causes body movements, with Hailey it exhibited first with the emotional and behavioral problems,” said Sweet.  

Juvenile Huntington’s Disease attacks the brain, with only a very small population being affected as a child. Children will have a change in personality, impaired coordination, and some emotional problems. 

To experience this disease is unlike any other, but Hailey and her family say it is because of their help from their at-home nurse, Miccah Love, that makes their day-to-day easier.  

“She was at a spot where I just thought there were more adventures to have,” said Miccah Love, with Specialty Care Pediatrics. 

“She helped us not give up,” said Sweet.