Homes Evacuated After Gas Leak Was Reported Near Blackwell

Tuesday, October 19th 2021, 7:36 pm
By: Ashley Holden

BLACKWELL, Oklahoma -

Close to 10 families are waiting to get back into their homes in Grant County after a natural gas leak sparked concern.

The gas company, Southern Stars Central Gas Pipeline, said there is no immediate danger.

Residents found out about the leak last week. 

"There were helicopters and semis going by our house," said nearby resident Ashley Maupin.

Maupin's brother and his family, along with their mom, were all evacuated Wednesday. Maupin was evacuated Thursday.

"My brother has a total of eight with him, and I have a total of six with me," said Maupin.

Their families are two of the seven homes the gas company said they asked to evacuate.

The leak is located in rural Grant County near Deer Creek at the company's storage field. Tyler McClure, the company's Communication Specialist, said the leak was discovered Tuesday.

"Our team, with this event, just decided to set a radius as 1.5 miles from the leak," said McClure. "As precaution we asked residents in that area to relocate."

At first Maupin and her kids grabbed what they could, but as they go back to care for their five pets they've had to grab more.

"When we go out, we have to text the guy that we are in contact with," said Maupin. "When we go out, and when we leave."

McClure told News 9 they are in contact with customers daily. Maupin said during those updates they let them know a three-day plan.

"It's just the unknown for us," said Maupin. "We have no idea when we are going to go home. We know three days at a time if we are going to be at the hotel."

They are now six days into their stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Blackwell. Maupin said she's thankful the company is paying for their stay, food and even fuel.

Today Southern Star was able to share that they think they have found the source to the leak.

"As soon as our team is certain, we will begin notifying residents and allowing them to come back home," said McClure.

News 9 did ask how long that process would take, but McClure said at this time they don't have a concrete timeline.

"We are really working around the clock to find out as soon as possible," said McClure.

Even hearing that gives Maupin hope.

"Yes, we are all ready to go home," said Maupin. "A week in a hotel, forced in a hotel is something else."