Teacher Uses Assessments, Individualized Learning to Get Students What They Need

Monday, October 18th 2021, 5:47 pm
By: Augusta McDonnell

WARR ACRES, Oklahoma -

Schools are well into the fall semester and using new resources to help students get back on track. 

Putnam City elementary school teacher Chelsie Titsworth said one-on-one learning is a great way to meet kids where they are at, as students come back into the classroom with a wide range of deficiencies due to being out of the classroom. 

Titsworth is a first grade teacher. She said one of her big tasks is teaching kids to read. 

She said she uses a lot of assessments to figure out where her students are at so she can give them what they need. 

“This year, I’m really having to give my kids, and give my students assessments and kind of see where they are when it comes to learning to read. Learning to read is a very complex process, and really, I’m having to individualize their learning a lot,” Titsworth said. 

She works at Putnam City’s Central Elementary. The district has provided curriculum support which she said helps a lot. 

“When it comes to reading, we do have a phonological awareness program that all K-2 teachers have, and that’s really awesome. We also have a really systematic, explicit phonics program that the whole district got this past year,” she said. 

But trying to help a classroom of students one-on-one is a big task. 

“In the classroom, when you have 20 students, you have students who are a wide variety of levels, and sometimes as a classroom teacher it’s really difficult to meet the needs of all of your kids,” she said. 

Titsworth also tutors on the side and encourages anyone with students who are struggling to take advantage of any one-on-one help. 

“We know that small group learning, and one-on-one learning is what’s best for our kids. Tutoring is really able to individualize for each student,” she said. 

Tutoring is currently a hot topic at the Oklahoma State Department of Education as well, as state officials work to get targeted interventions in place for students who need help after losing instructional time during the pandemic. 

The department will be releasing more information about their new Math Tutoring Corps program later this week.