More Oklahomans Could Soon Be Eligible For Booster Shots

Monday, October 18th 2021, 5:16 pm
By: Erica Rankin


More Oklahomans could be eligible for booster doses of the vaccine in the coming days.

This comes on the heels of an FDA panel recommendation concerning extra doses for some of the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines.

State health leaders said if these boosters are approved, there is plenty of vaccine in the state to meet the demand.

"We've seen the interest in getting vaccinated. First and second doses go down, so there is actually more interest in boosters," said Blaine Bolding, public health protection chief for the Oklahoma City-County Health Department.

Bolding said there are a few more things that have to happen before the green light is given.

"That process now goes to the commissioner of the FDA and that person either approves, denies or modifies," said Bolding.

That is expected to happen then it will go to a CDC panel and then to the director of the CDC for final guidance.

Bolding said the Johnson and Johnson is a full-dose booster and Moderna's is a half dose.

"Six months after that initial or your second dose. With Johnson and Johnson's, they have been having a discussion on if it is two months or six months," said Bolding. "The FDA advisory committee is saying that second dose is actually a completion of the series."

As for who will be eligible, Bolding said it will be similar to those able to get the Pfizer booster.

"(Anyone) 65 and older, those who live in long-term care centers, 50 to 64 with underlying medical conditions and those 18 to 64 who live or work in high-risk settings," said Bolding.

Bolding wants to remind Oklahomans, you are already eligible for a third dose if you are immunosuppressed.

"The immunosuppressed are still eligible 28 days (later) for Moderna or Pfizer if you received those," said Bolding.