Business Owners Assess Storm Damage After Widespread Severe Weather In The OKC Metro

Friday, October 15th 2021, 9:33 pm
By: Feliz Romero


Roofs ripped off, walls knocked down, trees toppled and power lines pulled down are what awaited business owners after the early storm Friday morning.

“Did we have a tornado, and I didn’t know it? First, I’m thinking this is October. We’re having tornadoes. I didn’t know what it was,” said Cheryl Jackson, the owner of Supreme Barber and Style Shop.

A lot of damage was cleaned up across the Oklahoma City metro. Business owners are figuring out what’s next.

“It’s not a total loss, but it is pretty darn close,” said Corey Babcock, who works at the OKC Dream Center.

“I hate to see it happen, you know, but that’s life. That’s part of it in Oklahoma, especially,” said Jerry Goodrich, who works at S & S Textiles.

Jim Gardner in Bob Mills SkyNews 9 captured the damage from in the air.

“Over here to there are some tree tops that are twisted off,” Gardner said as he flew over a neighborhood Friday morning.

“I saw this roof here on a different building that it didn’t belong to, debris everywhere, a lot of damage everywhere,” said Babcock.

For the OKC Dream Center, this isn’t the first time they’ve had to start over and rebuild.

“We’ve been spending the past two years getting to where we are now to only have it happen again,” said Babcock.

Goodrich said the extent of the damage caught him off guard.

“When I first pulled up, I didn’t know we had any severe weather and all of a sudden here it is,” he said.

“There was wind here, like 90 mph wind, coming through here,” said Jackson.

Jackson, who owns a barber shop on Sunnylane Road, is clinging to her faith and hoping to reopen soon.

“With the help of god, and insurance, you can overcome anything,” she said.

While there is a lot of damage, everyone News 9 spoke to is just grateful no one was hurt.