Teenage Suspect Threatens SE OKC Elementary School Multiple Times

Friday, October 15th 2021, 4:48 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


Oklahoma City police reported Friday the department increased patrols around a local elementary school following ongoing threats.

Authorities said a teenager was banned from the grounds of Cesar Chavez Elementary on the southeast side of the city after he pulled a machete on students and staff last month. However, the teenager returned to campus two more times, according to police reports.

Aileen Mendoza has children at Cesar Chavez and Educare, a neighboring early education school. She recalled her reaction following the most recent threat.

“I was shaky and angry, and I told them, ‘I’m not at peace with this,” Mendoza said.  

Mendoza said she was picking up her child at Educare on Wednesday when she received a text alert that the school was placed on lockdown.

“The kid tried to break into Educare and was making threats to people there,” said Mendoza. 

Oklahoma City police confirmed officers have responded to Cesar Chavez three times in four weeks. The same teenager allegedly returned when children were arriving or leaving school. 

The first incident happened Sept. 22. School officials said it caused them to go on lock out. News 9 spoke to a witness following the incident.

“Was shaking open the doors trying to get in,” parent Khristina Covert said. “And when the teacher walked up to him, he decided to pull the knife out in front of all the kids.”

According to police reports, the second incident happened a week later. School staff said the teen was trying to get into the building and then left in a green car.

The teenager came back and violently kicked the school's front doors. Officers detained the suspect and took him to a local hospital for a mental health hold.

“Surely, he knows that he’s not allowed to be on campus and choses to do so anyway,” Mendoza said. “I think that needs to come to a stop.” 

The teen returned on Oct. 8, allegedly recording students on a phone. Police noted in the report the school went on lockout again.

Mendoza believes the students are safe inside the school but not while they are outside. She would like to see more security at both schools. 

“I think they need to get the ball rolling to take care of the situation,” Mendoza said.

Oklahoma City Public School officials offered a statement regarding the threats:

“OKCPS takes all threats seriously and any statement or action that might threaten or imitate a threat to our students is prohibited. OKCPS will respond with the fullest extent of our capability and authority under Oklahoma law.”

The district has been in close and consistent contact with the Oklahoma City Police Department regarding the matter. A safety plan is in place that includes an increased presence of security, including a full-time officer posted at that school throughout the day.

“The safety and security of our students, families and staff is always our top priority and we are taking all precautions that are available to us,” the statement said.