Why Heating Bills Are Expected To Jump This Winter

Thursday, October 14th 2021, 6:40 pm
By: Erika Lee


The U.S. Government said heating bills are set to jump as much as 54% this winter compared to last winter.

According to the Oklahoma Corporation commission, there are many reasons for this increase including the limited amount of natural gas in storage and the expectation of colder temperatures.

"Most Oklahoma apartments heat with natural gas," said Matt Skinner, spokesman for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. "Natural gas prices are up 120% this year."

As demand and prices continue to go up, energy experts like Dr. Steve Agee said many families could face tough decisions.

Agee is the professor of economics and dean emeritus of Oklahoma City University's Meinders School of Business.

"Many lower income families will have to make a tough choice," Agee said. "Between paying higher heating bills or some sort of expenditure, like paying for Christmas presents."

However, Agee said it is possible to contact your gas company for help and try to average out your costs for the year.

Skinner said to call your local gas or electric company for assistance, as there are various assistance programs and companies that offer weatherization audits at little to no cost.

With winter quickly approaching, experts said the best time to prepare is now.

"Winterizing your apartment is very important," Agee said. "Change out your filters and HVAC system, having a clean filter is going to make it work more efficiently."

Another small but efficient thing to do is make sure you have weather stripping around your doors, windows, and electrical outlets.