OCDC Inmates Charged In Hostage Situation Involving Detention Officer Appear In Court

Wednesday, October 6th 2021, 6:45 pm
By: Anjelicia Bruton


Three of five inmates charged in taking a correctional officer hostage in the Oklahoma County Detention Center back in March appeared in court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing. 

Former Oklahoma County Detention Officer Daniel Misquez was allegedly held hostage by several inmates during the March incident. He testified in court saying in that moment he felt powerless and didn't know if he would make it out alive.

Charles Johnson, Gregory Jordan and Darius Pleasant appeared in court all facing murder charges. Court documents state the inmates allegedly incited a riot by kidnapping Misquez, which in turn caused the officer-involved shooting where Curtis Williams, another inmate involved, was shot and killed.

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Misquez's attorney blames the jail trust for what happened. He said they're underfunded, an embarrassment to the state and what happened to Misquez is just the beginning.

“They put our guards and people who are trying to do the right thing for Oklahoma City in danger. Daniel Misquez is very fortunate that he’s alive today. If it wasn’t for the Oklahoma City Police Department coming in there and taking care of this situation we’ll be dealing with his funeral,” Scott Adams said.

During his testimony Wednesday, Misquez said at one point he asked Jordan if this is how he’s going to die, and to tell his family he loved them. Misquez said he was surrounded by inmates. An Oklahoma City police testified saying she saw Pleasant let several inmates out of their cells.

For months, he said he felt anxious and paranoid to the point that he couldn't leave his home.

Tamara Johnson is the mother of Charles Johnson one of the inmates charged. She believes this all could've been avoided.

“All they wanted was food, proper treatment, and they’re not getting that,” Tamara said.

Misquez testified that Johnson helped him. He gave him water and told him to stay calm.

“How are they going to charge with murder, and he wasn’t the one that pulled the trigger,” Tamara said.

Amended charges were added. All three inmates are now charged with first-degree murder and the case was bound over to trial. Inmates will appear in court again December 1.

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