Longtime OBI Worker Surprised With Special Gift From Donor

Tuesday, October 5th 2021, 6:39 pm
By: Mike Glover

Julie Williams has been donating blood at the Oklahoma Blood Institute in Lawton since the 90s. She always gets special care, but there is one worker that makes her visits special every time she comes in. 

“She can be clear across the room, and she’ll be like, ‘Miss Julie!’ Hollering at me so, it’s more like going into her home than it is going into the center,” said Julie Williams, blood donor. 

Williams donates as often as she can, in most cases every 56 days. 

On one of her visits, Williams had some problems. 

“Well, I almost passed out. On my like, 93rd time giving blood, the first time I almost passed out,” said Williams. 

OBI worker Christie Allen noticed immediately.

“She comes running over and grabs me and throws me in the chair and makes sure I’m taken care of. But she’s like that every time,” said Williams. 

After that experience Williams knew she had to do something special for her. So, on her next visit Julie had a special surprise. 

“She said can you reach down in there, I have a bag and a blanket in there, I’m cold,” said Allen. 

And that’s when she noticed, this wasn’t just any old blanket. 

“When I was putting it on her, I saw my name on it. And I looked at the blanket and I was like… And I looked at Julie, and Julie was looking at me, and I’m looking at Julie, and I’m like no way,” said Allen. 

The quilt made from the t-shirts Williams has received over the years for giving blood. An act of love for the love she has received during that time. 

“God gave me that talent, so I wanted to share that with her, she is so special to me,” said Williams. 

The blanket has a special purpose for Allen, who is obsessed with scary movies. 

“I grab this blanket and I’m on the recliner. Reclined and watching scary movies,” said Allen.