Arrest Warrant Issued For Oklahoma Co. Detention Center Officer Accused Of Providing Contraband To Inmate

Monday, October 4th 2021, 10:08 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

An Oklahoma County Detention Center officer is accused of being a drug and contraband mule.

Investigators said she raked in more than $100,000 and received a new car.

According to records, detention officer Hope Watkins conspired with inmate Andrew Munoz to bring contraband into the jail.

Investigators said the two visited multiple times in jail and communicated via cellphone.

Court documents allege Munoz utilized the detention officer to bring in cellphones, illicit drugs, and diamond tipped blades, to help him escape before his transfer to prison.

In August, Munoz was ordered to serve four life sentences in connection to a 2019 police chase where Munoz crashed into a vehicle killing a mother and her child.

An affidavit said, according to a criminal informant Watkins would hide the contraband in her duty belt, he said Munoz was upset because Watkins failed to bring in the "latest scheduled contraband items."

The informant told investigators Munoz "threatened to have the cartel kidnap and kill her mother, children and dog if she did not follow through."

The affidavit also said video surveillance showed Watkins "taking a large bag with her into a pod and scrolling through an Apple watch "allowing inmates to observe the screen of her watch."

Investigators said when confronted and asked to hand over her watch Watkins said, "If I get up and just leave, am I fired?"

According to the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation, 30 minutes later Watkins' watch had been remotely restored to factory settings.

Watkins is now wanted for conspiracy to commit a felony and destroying evidence.

A jail spokesman said Watkins was escorted out of the facility last week, and no longer works there.