Fiesta De Las Americas 2021 Held On Historic Capitol Hill

Saturday, October 2nd 2021, 8:00 pm
By: Anjelicia Bruton


Folks filled the streets of the historic Capitol Hill District for Festival de las Americas. A festival that celebrates Hispanic culture. Over 50 organizations signed up for the parade. Rossy Adame is a Spanish and Dance teacher at Dove Science Academy.

She said it's important for her students to understand how vibrant colors and express dance styles make their culture so unique.

“This helps them remember where they come from, they grew up here in the United States, so it's pretty nice for them to know where their culture from their parents, grandparents come from,” Adame said.

As the Hispanic population grows here in Oklahoma, folks like Marti Rickman say Hispanic Heritage Month isn't just a time to celebrate her Colombian culture, but to allow others to embrace their culture like her dance partner from Tulsa Kelly Forbes has.

“The thing about it is I love the fact that him being from here and loving that part of us. I think that is the idea right, to teach another person about us,” Rickman said.

“She's like the example of the American dream and I feel like therefore I want to continue along your side being that I’m American having those dreams come true,” Forbes said.

Several people say Hispanic Heritage Month isn't just for the Hispanic community, but for anyone looking to learn more about a person's culture.

“I'm bringing my traditions with me every day I’m educating people about the music, the food, the rhythm, the island, and I’m also taking a moment to kind of hear from them and learn what kind of makes them unique,” Dario Ruiz said.