OSU's 'Mr. Orange Power' Retires After 22 Seasons

Friday, October 1st 2021, 4:34 pm
By: Storme Jones

STILLWATER, Oklahoma -

At Saturday’s Oklahoma State University football game against Baylor, you can expect to hear the classic "Orange Power" chant.

The icon who revived that chant retired his game day duties after 22 seasons.

"You’ve got a hit it hard and fast,” said Lee Redick, better known as Mr. Orange Power.

Over the past 21 years, Redick led Boone Pickens Stadium in the crunch time, big energy chant after reviving it in 1999.

“I know when I first put the jumpsuit on, my wife used to like walk behind me because it was a freak show back then,” he said.

From freak show to game day fixture, Redick and the chant became crowd favorites.

“It’s fun to do but there’s a goal in mind,” he said.

Redick said if you think those “orange power” chants are done randomly, you would be wrong. He said they’re designed to influence the game at just the right time.

“I always did it on a second and long,” he said. “You get that crowd going and they’ll burn a time out. It’s kind of confusing, and that second and long turns into a third long, and the crowd takes over then.”

As for what’s next, Redick said he’s learning how to watch OSU football from the comfort of his couch.

“Oh, I’m going to relax at home and enjoy the game,” he said. “It’s because of my knee. I don’t have the energy that the kid that started it had. I can’t get up there and just do that physically anymore.”

Redick said his last orange power chant was the final regular season home game of the Cowboys' 2020 season against Texas Tech. The play resulted in a safety.

“It’s been good. OSU has been very good to me. The OSU fans have been fabulous. I’ve just had so much fun,” Redick said.

OSU athletics said they’ve selected certain Stillwater celebrities to lead the chant this season.