Something Good: News 9's Teacher Of The Month Pays It Forward To Help Student Get Wheelchair

Thursday, September 30th 2021, 7:30 pm
By: Mike Glover

Kelly Leiter is News 9’s teacher of the month, an honor that comes with $1,000. Right away Mrs. Leiter knew what she would do with the money. 

Leither is a special education teacher at Moore High School. She is loved and respected by her co-workers and students. So, when Jeffery, one of Mrs. Leiter’s students submitted her name for teacher of the day, she was blown away to hear from Robin Marsh, that she was News 9’s teacher of the month. 

After all the excitement, Leiter knew there was a purpose for the money she would receive. 

“My heart had been for a while to raise some money, because I knew they needed a portable wheelchair. He comes and supports our teams, he’s their manager, but yet he can’t come to the games,” said Leiter. 

Jeffery’s current chair can only be transported by a vehicle with a lift because it is so heavy. So, Mrs. Leiter took the money and started a GoFundMe page and within days donations poured in, over and above the cost of the chair. 

“We have the chair, and we’re going to present his family with a check for $7,000 today,” said Leiter. 

So as Jeffery made his way into the Moore High School gym, completely unaware of what was about to happen, Mrs. Leiter couldn’t contain her excitement. 

“The good that you have given out is coming back to you. That smile that you give out every day, making peoples day smiling and loving them -- guess what? It’s our turn to love you back,” Leiter said to Jeffery. 

As Jeffery got his brand-new wheelchair, his family was also surprised with the $7,000 check, both a tremendous blessing for the family. 

“It’s amazing cause I have to put a ramp on the car all the time, and sometimes dad’s not there to help,” said Bridgett Wright, Jeffery’s mother. 

Jeffery was overcome with emotion as he thanked everyone for everything. 

Aside from the monetary donations they’ve had two chairs donated, so they’ve formed ‘Jeffery’s Chairs,’ connecting people that have chairs with people who need chairs. 

Donations are still being accepted at the GoFundMe page. Click here if you would like to donate.