Thursday Is Last Day To Sign Up For EMSACare

Wednesday, September 29th 2021, 6:31 pm
By: Erica Rankin


EMSAcare covers the out-of-pocket expenses for emergency ambulance transports anywhere in the EMSA service area, which is most of the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas. It applies to all permanent members of the household, regardless of their age or relationship to each other and even if they don’t have medical insurance.

The open enrollment deadline for EMSAcare is Thursday evening, so officials are advising people to get the ball rolling now to sign up.

EMSA officials said even with good insurance coverage, a typical emergency ambulance ride can cost a patient about $800. It can cost more than $1,300 without insurance. EMSAcare covers everything a patient would owe.

Once you receive an ambulance bill you would then call EMSA and tell them that you are a member of the program, and they would cover the costs.

"Everyone gets a statement that comes in the mail after a transport and then you just call, tell us you're an EMSAcare member and we file everything on their behalf," said Adam Paluka, the chief public affairs officer with EMSA.

In the past 10 years of providing EMSAcare to Oklahoma City residents, EMSA officials said they have saved Oklahomans $10 million.

"If you have an emergency transport that ends in the hospital in the ER we are going to get you covered for any out-of-pocket expenses," said Paluka.

Oklahoma City residents who are not EMSAcare members can enroll by calling 405-297-2833. Enrollment results in a $3.65 monthly charge included on your OKC utility bill.

Members who want a membership card can print one at

Residents living in multi-family housing units, such as apartments, who do not have an OKC utility account can check with their landlord to determine if they are enrolled in the program. If not, those residents can enroll directly with EMSA for an annual fee by calling 405-396-2888.

People who live in retirement, assisted living and similar facilities are not eligible for the program, but may enroll in EMSAcare directly through EMSA by calling 405-396-2888.

The deadline to enroll is Thursday. If you do not enroll, your next chance will be in September 2022.