Howell Family Raises Concern Over Upcoming Julius Jones Clemency Hearing

Tuesday, September 28th 2021, 2:28 pm
By: Caleb Califano


The family of a murdered Edmond man say they're disappointed with the state pardon and parole board for recommending a reduced sentence for death row inmate Julius Jones. Jones was sentenced to death for Paul Howell's murder in 1999. 

The Howell family says the pardon and parole board is incapable of presiding over an impartial clemency hearing for Jones set for next month. 

They're also asking the Governor to meet with them before he makes a final decision on Jones' commutation. 

Two weeks after the pardon and parole board recommended reducing Jones' sentence to life with a possibility of parole, the Howell family released a list of reasons why they believe the board is biased, and had their minds made up before the hearing. 

The Howell's also say new rules that were enacted just two days before Jones' hearing benefitted the death row inmate. 

The Howell Family is calling the possibility of Jones release quote: "unfathomable, and endangers the safety of the Howell family and all Oklahomans" 

The Final decision in Jones commutation request will be made by Governor Kevin Stitt, who has to sign off on it. 

The Howell family is urging the governor to meet with them, and to quote ignore the recommendation from pardon and parole board. 

Jones execution date has been set for November 18th.