Tulsa Humane Society Caring For Dog, 8 Puppies Found In Dump

Sunday, September 26th 2021, 9:35 pm
By: Jordan Tidwell

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A dog and her eight puppies are getting ready for foster care at the Tulsa Humane Society after being rescued by a Tulsa Police Detective who found the animals living in a trash dump.

Tulsa Police Detective Marnie Waller says she and her husband spotted the dog near her husband's work in Sapulpa and knew she had to do something.

"On the weekends we would go over and continue to feed and friend her and we realized she was living in a trash dump," she said.

Waller says she and her husband later figured out the dog was pregnant, and with the help of Sapulpa Police and the Sapulpa Animal rescue, they dug through the trash dump to get all eight puppies and then took the dogs to the Tulsa Humane Society.

"Unfortunately, it does happen quite often we do get called for a lot of police seizures, we do help out in neglect cases or puppy mills that are getting shut down and things like that," said Jessica Derr with the Tulsa Humane Society.

Jessica Derr with the Tulsa Humane Society says the dogs are doing much better now and getting ready for foster care.

"We'll ultimately get them all medically taken care of as well as physically taken care of and emotionally and get them adopted out," Derr said.

Waller says it was heartbreaking to see the dog and her puppies in that situation and was glad she was able to help.

"It just worked out great that they are going to get their best forever homes now, I hope," she said.

The Tulsa Humane Society is collecting donations, like dog food and old towels or blankets.