11-Year-Old Shows Work That Goes Into Prepping Her Heifer For Oklahoma State Fair Show

Friday, September 24th 2021, 12:05 pm
By: Brittany Toolis


It's ribbon time at the Oklahoma State Fair for all the animals and that means more than the move from the pasture or barn. For many prize winners it's spa day before judgement day.

Peyton Ramsey is a Jones, 4H member. She and her heifer, Marvel, have put in almost a years’ worth of work, before they step into a show ring at the fair.

"I just love how big they are and how sweet they are," said Peyton.

The 11-year-old used Friday morning to prep her shorthorn heifer.

"Most kids that are going to be showing here are either a member of a FFA or 4H club from their community," said Peyton's mother, Shelly Ramsey.

Peyton and Marvel will be up against up to 200 other competitors. 

Friday's primp session started with a bath. Peyton scrubbed every inch of Marvel. After the bath, it was time to style.

"We blow dry her, and we comb her out and put some special spray on her to make her hair all fluffy," explained Peyton.

But the work starts long before show weekend.

"It's daily activities that these kids are constantly having to work and do," said Shelly. "It creates confidence in her. It definitely builds responsibility. Some of the kids that you'll meet at a show are some of the most responsible kids I think you'll ever come across."

Marvel and Peyton have been together since November. 

Shelly said the first criteria used to pick a heifer it to make sure they have a good build, and then whether they take to training and their young handler.

"If you don't put in the proper work to make sure you're handling a 1000 lb. animal then you can have problems," said Shelly. "Sometimes it absolutely just doesn't work. We know a lot of people, humans, that have bad attitudes. There are cattle that have bad attitudes as well."

The cattle shows don’t start until Saturday. Peyton and Marvel will most likely be in the ring sometime in the afternoon.