Bodycam Video Shows Harrah Officer Being Dragged By Vehicle Of Suspect

Wednesday, September 22nd 2021, 9:42 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

HARRAH, Oklahoma -

A metro officer was caught in a car and then dragged down the asphalt before tumbling free. The horrifying incident was captured on police bodycam video in Harrah.

Police: I’m ready to take you out of that car. God damn it!     

Police: County! We got one running!       

A dramatic and dangerous scene unfolded along Northeast 23rd and Pebbly in Harrah.

Police: You alright Billy?!   

Police: I’m fine!

According to police, the officer was nearly run over after pulling Keldrick Williams over earlier this month.

“Just a simple traffic stop can turn deadly in a few seconds,” said Harrah Police Chief Gary Morgan.

According to Morgan, Williams was ordered out of the car after providing someone else’s license that was also suspended.

Police: Step out for me.   

Police: Get out of the car, I’m not going to ask you again, step out of the car for me.

Despite the officer asking multiple times, and even in the presence of a second officer, video shows William refuse to cooperate.

Police: I'm being cool with you right now, that's going to stop in three seconds.     

Williams then makes an unexpected move.

“The officer tried to get him out of the car and that's when he decided to throw it in gear and try to take off,” said Morgan.

As the officer attempted to put the vehicle in park Williams drove off, taking the officer with him.

“He could have went under the wheel, hit his head or whatever, it could have been a lot worse than what it turned out to be,” said Morgan.

While officer's lost sight of Williams, he was later located and arrested.