Enid Family Worries As Haitian Family Is Stuck At US-Mexico Border

Tuesday, September 21st 2021, 10:32 pm
By: Feliz Romero

ENID, Oklahoma -

As thousands of Haitians try to seek asylum at the U.S. - Mexico border, one Oklahoma family is worried sick over their relatives who they haven’t heard from in days.

Ignace Zidor told News 9 his sister has been traveling from Haiti for three months.

Clinging to their faith, Zidor and his wife are trying to help any way they can.

“To see somebody, risk their life…they would rather die than living where they live. That says a lot,” said Zidor.

“It’s just hard to believe and it’s hard to put yourself in that position when we have things so nice here,” said Vista Zidor, his wife.

Zidor said his sister, her husband and their children, both under 2 years old, left everything for a better life and more opportunities in America.

“In the midst of earthquake and the assassination of the president in Haiti everything is upside down. It is a vacuum of trouble,” he said.

Now he is worried all of it will be for nothing.

“Since they are already here and they survived it…letting them go back is just killing them,” he said.

The last time he has heard from them was Friday September 17.

“After seeing footage of [how] highway patrol on horses treated the immigrants, I feel like it’s a big stab in my chest because in 2021 I think humans deserve better treatment than that,” he said.

They have contacted local and state representatives in both Oklahoma and Texas and hope to hear something soon.

“Give those poor people a chance, a place to recover before they can go back to Haiti. Haiti is not a place to live right now,” said Zidor.

“When you see children being shipped back to Haiti I believe those families, especially with children, should be given the right to claim asylum,” said Vista.

The U.S. Border Patrol told the family there's no timeline on the sister's case. Meanwhile, Zidor is also working on the paperwork to help sponsor his mother and brothers, who lost their home to the earthquake.