Tulsans Finding Alternative Recycling Methods; PepsiCo Sets Up Sites To Help

Friday, September 17th 2021, 6:12 pm
By: Emory Bryan

TULSA, Oklahoma -

With the City of Tulsa’s curbside recycling system out of commission, alternative methods of recycling are becoming more popular.

The City contractor for recyclables temporarily closed their plants because of a fire, and it won’t reopen until December. 

PepsiCo has opened four recycling centers in Tulsa, and a representative said it’s the start of a new recycling network. The initiative comes as Tulsa’s curbside recycling system is stalled because of fire damage at the plant that sorted the material.

PepsiCo has staffed drop-off sites at two Walmart stores and two Sam’s Club locations in Tulsa.

They’re open Thursday through Sunday and accept only plastic beverage bottles and cans. PepsiCo has a promotion for gift cards and prizes connected with regular visits.

Tulsa’s MET recycling centers are getting more traffic with the curbside system stalled. The MET accepts a wide variety of materials, including glass, electronics and oil.

In the months since the fire, the City of Tulsa has continued to pick up contents of blue recycling carts, but with the sorting center closed, the recyclables are added to regular trash and incinerated.

Click here for information on the MET recycling centers.

The participating store locations are:

●           Sam's Tulsa Hills (7757 S. Olympia) Store No. 4839

●           Sam's Sheridan (4420 S. Sheridan) Store No. 8263

●           Walmart 71st memorial (6625 S. Memorial Dr.) Store No: 894

●           Walmart 111th & Memorial (10938 S. Memorial Dr). Store No: 1597