Pawnee Elects First Female Mayor In City's History

Wednesday, September 15th 2021, 12:24 pm
By: News On 6, Johnny Resendiz

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The city of Pawnee has a new mayor and Alice Cottle is the first woman to hold the job. 

She says winning the election was just the beginning of the work that's to come. 

"I just really have a passion for our city and working for other people," Cottle said. "So, I'm excited that I get to spend more time doing that." 

One of Cottle's priorities is increasing community engagement. After a huge turnout in the polls, she thinks that goal is off to a nice start.

"For us to get that many people to the polls, It was really exciting to see that people are interested in what's happening in Pawnee," Cottle said. 

Some native Pawnee residents say Cottle always treats everyone like family, and they hope that can carry on to her term for the better of the community. She's done a lot for our community just going in this summer," native Pawnee resident Charity McPeak said. "She is very family-oriented and that's something that, having a family myself, find that this town and community needs." 

Cottle says it's an honor to be an inspiration to younger girls in Pawnee. She hopes to set an example of following dreams no matter the challenges.

"I'm hoping that they'll get to see a woman in action and think about what they'd like to do," Cottle said. 

"Having that influence and role model and just that strong female...I think that's great," Cottle said. So, I hope a lot of girls can look up to her." 

Cottle will be sworn into office on Monday.