Afghan Refugee, Daughter Safe In Oklahoma After Help From Family Member

Wednesday, September 8th 2021, 10:38 pm
By: Feliz Romero


A woman and her husband left everything in Afghanistan for the safety of their daughter. They made it all the way to a refugee camp in Texas before having to separate because he isn't a U.S citizen.

Now Kristy Brod is in Oklahoma starting over with their 2-year-old daughter while he goes through the immigration process.

“She saw a lady and her two children trampled to death beside her,” said Cathy Timmons, Brod’s aunt who met her at the airport.

“We almost didn’t make it ourselves,” said Brod.

For seven years Afghanistan was home. Brod and her husband taught English and put down roots in Kabul.

“The U.S Embassy started sending out emails, they are saying you must leave now,” said Brod.

Suddenly her life was crumbling around her, and her family decided to flee with the clothes on their backs and a small carry on.

“There was a lot of gunfire, so everybody was very tense and nervous because of this and on top of this we have the Taliban in the area patrolling the area coming in and coming out,” said Brod.

They flew from Kabul to Qatar and Germany, eventually making it to the U.S.

“The worst part of it was the Kabul airport which was the most dangerous. There are literally riots, people are climbing over the walls trying to break down the gates. You are more likely to get crushed trying to get in,” she said.

“When she got on American soil we said 'ah thank you God,'” said Timmons.

Brod worries for her friends back home and her family's journey still ahead.

“I’ve cried so many times on the way since leaving because I have people that I love very much back there and they’re still in danger.” Brod said.

Brod is passionate about teaching and hopes to find a job soon. Her aunt has set up a donation page on Facebook to help them get back on their feet.