Registered Sex Offender Arrested In SE OKC After Alleged Lewd Comments To Child

Wednesday, September 8th 2021, 7:04 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


A mother pulled her child from what she called a disturbing interaction on Tuesday with a registered sex offender. Oklahoma City police tracked down 35-year-old Bradley Stacy in a nearby development on the southwest side of the city where sex offenders live.

Police said the victim was an 8-year-old girl playing outside. They want to remind parents to stay alert much like the parent of the child in this case. 

“I’ve got 17s and 16s and I still…They know better than to go out after night here.” said Tabitha Yerian, concerned resident.

Yerian was upset to hear a child was allegedly approached by a registered sex offender in her neighborhood.

“I’ve done a lot of foster care and stuff like that,” said Yerian. “And seeing kids get abused by older people.”

Police were called to the area of Southeast 59th Street and Foster Road Tuesday night. A man in a blue Impala parked by the neighborhood playground and reportedly called out to the young girl.

According to the police report, Stacy made a lewd comment to the child and started rubbing himself.

“Fortunately, there was another adult in the area who was vigilant,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Was able to see something going on that didn’t seem right, called the child away from the vehicle.”

Stacy sped away when he was spotted. A concerned resident followed him to a nearby community known to house sex offenders.

“Nobody warns you that that place is over there,” said Yerian. “And I didn’t know until a friend told me.”

Police found the blue Impala and Stacy's home. When officers asked what he was doing at the other mobile home park, Stacy told officers he was looking for a new place to live and he did not talk to anyone while he was over there.

“They were able to get him into custody and booked him into the Oklahoma County Detention Center,’ said Quirk. 

Police said Stacy was also wearing an ankle monitor.