Edmond Marine Veterans Stop Alleged Home Intruder, Hold Him For Police

Monday, September 6th 2021, 7:16 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

An Edmond teenager who was home alone over the weekend came face-to-face with an intruder. Lucky for her, but not so great for the alleged burglar, she had several Marine veterans come to her rescue.

Driving in the neighborhood near North Bryant Avenue and East Memorial Road, it is not hard to miss Angela Brooks’ front yard, the Marine and American flags are a giveaway. However, on Saturday an alleged intruder got a not-so-warm greeting from her family.

“Picked the wrong house maybe? Picked the wrong ‘expletive’ house,” said Angela Brooks, homeowner.

Brooks said a stranger pulled into her driveway only minutes after she left her Edmond home. Her teenage daughter was inside, alone.

“He went on my front porch looking under things for a house key,” Brooks said. “Whenever he couldn’t find one, he ultimately tried the door, which I left unlocked.”

She said her daughter froze when she made eye contact with the intruder but then ran upstairs and locked herself in a bathroom.

“She called her dad who is a combat vet Marine, and he called his sons who are both Marines who live two houses over,” Brooks said. “They were here within a matter of seconds.”

They pulled the man out of the house and forced him into his car and held him there until Oklahoma City police arrived.

“I’m forever grateful to everyone that came to save her,” said Brooks.

Brooks got video of the handcuffed man as he was in the back of a police car.

He had this to say, “It was a God honest accident, here ya go. God honest accident. Send me to jail for it, go ahead.”

Brooks said she will always remember to lock her front door, even if someone is home. She also plans to keep a close eye on her neighbors.

“We have a lot of elderly around here and every other house that isn’t elderly I got their phone numbers too,” Brooks said. “We definitely, we got their back.”

Brooks said she did her own investigation when she learned the man’s name and said he had a criminal history.