House Armed Services Committee Approves Defense Bill Budget Above President Biden's Proposal

Friday, September 3rd 2021, 6:33 pm


Congress is on track to pass a military budget that is significantly larger than the one proposed by President Joe Biden.

This week, the House Armed Services Committee mirrored its Senate counterpart in giving strong bipartisan approval to a defense authorization about $25 billion above the president’s proposal.

In a budget plan filled with major increases in social, environmental, and health related spending, Biden had recommended increasing defense spending a nominal 1% over the current year, drawing sharp criticism from most Republicans. Among the voices of criticism were Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe, ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Rep. Stephanie Bice, a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

More than a dozen Democratic House committee members joined Republicans on Wednesday in approving the funding increase, along with scores of other amendments, several of which were offered by Bice.

“I’m pleased that the committee approved the majority of my proposed amendments, including one that will reallocate $25 million to enable units from the Army National Guard to take a greater role in assisting U.S. Customs and Border Protection personnel, who are already strained to the brink in the current crisis at our southern border,” said Bice.