Del City High School Student Arrested, Accused Of Bringing Loaded Gun To School

Wednesday, September 1st 2021, 4:44 pm
By: Anjelicia Bruton

DEL CITY, Oklahoma -

A Del City High School student was taken into custody when an officer said he found the student with a loaded gun on school grounds.

Del City police said faculty approached the 16-year-old boy before classes started. He was originally asked to go to the office for having a vape pin, but school officials uncovered much more.

“A student was approached and taken to the office where administration found a pistol in his bag. We have a full-time SRO (school resource officer) in the school. The SRO was present at the time. The SRO placed the student under arrest,” Del City police Maj. Bradley Rule said.

Mid-Del School District issued the following statement:

"This morning, a Del City High School student was arrested for possession of a loaded gun on campus. Del City Police were notified immediately, and the student was taken into police custody. We commend the swift actions taken by staff members to keep our students safe."

“The SRO was able to determine that the firearm was concealed and bagged the entire time. It was never brandished or anything like that, and that there was no direct threat to any specific student or to the school. The student just had it in their possession,” Rule said.

Police said they're still unaware what the student's intentions were for having the loaded pistol on campus. They think having a full time police officer at the high school as a school resource officer helped to deescalate the situation.

“We don't know his intentions. We haven't discovered anything that showed that he had some intention today but obviously anything's possible. Having an officer there present enabled him to act so quickly definitely in that scenario can prevent a disaster from happening,” Rule said.

Charges against the student will be presented to the Oklahoma County district attorney's office. The boy was arrested on a complaint of having a firearm on school grounds.

Police have reached out to state Department of Human Services to see what resources they can offer to the student's family.