Oklahoma Organizations Offer Their Resources To Help Afghan Refugees

Monday, August 30th 2021, 5:20 pm
By: Ashley Holden


After 20 years, the last of U.S. troops left Afghanistan on Monday.

This comes as churches and organizations across Oklahoma get ready to welcome Afghan refugees.

Goldsby Church is one of the churches hoping to help give the families everything they need to resettle.

"My family were refugees at one point, and they had to come to the United States for their own safety," said Rockie Naser, the missions and discipleship minister at Goldsby Church.

Naser personally understands what these refugees are going through.

"So, I've come full circle," said Naser. "I was once a refugee, and now, I'm helping refugees."

Not everyone shares her experience, but she said their whole congregation wants to help.

"Our desire is not just to reach people in Goldsby, but reach people around the world starting in Goldsby," said Naser.

The church is connected with refugee agencies, like Catholic Charites. Naser said that organization is leading the way and rallying churches in Oklahoma.

"I work directly with them," said Naser. "When they resettle refugees, we help them they depend very heavily on nonprofit organizations and churches like us to provide furniture, to provide food, to help them do simple things like fill out paperwork for their kids to go to school."

Right now, Naser told News 9 they can't say how many refugees will be arriving in Oklahoma, but she's grateful the governor and state lawmakers support their arrival.

She said people outside of their congregation can help by contacting Catholic Charities, Goldsby Church or even reach out through her email or social media.

Naser said refugees will need everything from furniture to basic living essentials, and the church is also happy to collect donations.

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