Teacher Spotlight: High School Teacher Makes Tough Stuff Easy

Friday, August 27th 2021, 9:36 am

DEL CITY, Oklahoma -

Science is a complex subject, but one Del City teacher is walking her students through it and in doing so, helping students grow outside the classroom. 

“She takes the time out of her day to check on us,” said Latrell Crump, a junior at Del City High School. 

Miss Ritchie is known for making things fun, not just in class but around the halls of the school. 

“Anything that is with zoology, biology, or botany Miss Ritchie makes it fun,” said Sarah Tate, a senior at Del City High School. 

She even takes part in Tik Tok challenges! 

“The students love it,” said Melissa Ritchie, a Del City High School science teacher. 

“I don’t mess with it, but she’s still my favorite teacher,” said Kanijal Thomas, a junior at Del City High School. 

While she enjoys having fun, she knows when to get serious. 

“She doesn’t pretend she knows. And I think that’s what a lot of people get wrong,” said Kaleja Burge, a senior at Del City High School. 

The students said she allows tough conversations in class about the pandemic and the fight for racial justice. 

Those students said they appreciated being heard and being seen. 

“On my first home game of high school. I was a drum major. I could hear her screaming from the field,” said Marisa Martin, a sophomore at Del City High School.  

A teacher, confidant, and support system are exactly who Miss Ritchie is. 

“If they can walk in and feel loved one hour a day, that’s all that matters,” said Miss Ritchie.