Something Good: Guthrie Woman Celebrates Her 112nd Birthday

Thursday, August 26th 2021, 7:30 pm
By: Mike Glover

GUTHRIE, Oklahoma -

Thursday is Ethel Bowens’ 112th birthday. She’s the oldest living Oklahoman and is as fiery as ever. 

Born in 1909, Ethel Bowens has been a resident of Logan County her entire life. She married Volna, the love of her life, at 16 years old. They were married for 64 years. 

After their union, they had six kids, 21 grandkids, 55 great-grandkids and 52 great-great grandkids. 

Bowens was a housewife and church piano player. Now, at 112, don’t let her modest background fool you.

“She’s pretty sharp when she wants to be,” Mrs. Bowens’ daughter-in-law Rhonda said. “She can be ornery.”

“Sometimes, I’m up there, you know, they call me up there saying, ‘Well, we can’t get her to do what we need her to do today,’” Bowens’ son, Vernal, said. “And she’ll tell me, ‘And you can’t either. You need to go back home.’” 

Friends and family lined the streets of Guthrie over the weekend for a drive-by parade. Bowens took it all in, even mouthing the words to the national anthem. 

She received many recognitions, but how does she feel about all the fanfare over her?

“It’s wonderful to be as old as I am,” Ethel Bowens said.

Bowens attributes her long life to her faith in God and her commitment to one man.