Several Laws, Including Allowing To-Go Cocktails & At Home Haircuts, Go Into Effect On Thursday

Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 5:19 pm
By: Storme Jones

A number of new laws are set to go into effect on Thursday including allowing "to-go cocktails" and at home haircuts.

“They’re excited about it I can tell you that,” Jim Hopper with the Oklahoma Restaurant Association said. “It has to be sealable, tamper-resistant; it’s got to have a cap on it. You can’t just put it in a plastic cup with a plastic lid and tape over the straw hole.”

Also on Thursday, licensed barbers, cosmetologist and hairdressers can provide services at a customer's private residence.

“It makes for a smaller group of people also because that way you can actually just go in their house do one client at a time, you don’t have multiple people standing around or sitting around so it is safer for the client,” said Anthony David with Anthony David Hair Academy.

David said this clears up a gray area created during the COVID shut down.

“Long as it’s fair for everyone, I think we should be good,” he said. “It shouldn’t be special rules for special people.”

A new law adds new vanity license plates. It includes an America First and a Guthrie Street Kings plates among others.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety will have access to nearly a half million dollars to improve radio communications inside the state Capitol building.

Under House Bill 1104, Oklahoma students who list "American Indian Heritage” on school paperwork will be asked to include a specific tribal affiliation.