Teacher Spotlight: Veteran Teachers Share Experience To Help New Staff

Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 9:36 am
By: Tevis Hillis


Two beloved teachers said they have continued teaching year after year because of their coworkers and each other. 

"I know Cindy will always be there," said Gaye Sanders, a 4th-grade teacher with Mustang Trails Elementary. 

"Gaye is like family to me. We have kids the same age. We have a lot of interest, and our love for mustang is our biggest interest," said Cindy Johnson, a Pre-K teacher with Mustang Trails Elementary. 

Miss Gaye and Miss Cindy have both taught since the earliest days of Mustang's Trails Elementary, and their love for the district remains. 

But even these veteran teachers had to adapt to a new form of teaching because of the pandemic. Learning to teach virtually ,with masks and find ways to build relationships through the chaos. 

A year later, they still see several years to come and have some tips for teacher newbies. 

"I know I have to be creative in how I want parents to be involved," said Johnson. "Through Google Meets, kids will get to see their parents up here. I think the challenges are exciting." 

"The rewards of the kids you have now are huge. But it's the kids that come back that you had years and years ago. That tells you made a difference in their lives," said Sanders.